Climate change has become a structural phenomenon, and the continued emission of greenhouse gases will cause further warming and drastic changes in the climate system, increasing the likelihood of severe and irreversible impacts. As a negative consequence of the inter-connected world in which we live, climate change may even have favored the emergence of COVID-19. Undoubtedly, we are facing an unprecedented climate emergency.

The Project Objectives are the  following:

General objective

The main aim of CLIMAR is to link inter-disciplinary research, innovation and knowledge transfer to higher education curricular development and continous professional training, so as to prepare the tourist sector to best face climate change and to mitigate its impacts.

Specific objectives

  • Support the creation of transnational and multidisciplinary research groups specialised in Climate Change, Circular Economy & Tourism (CC&T), among HEIs from Europe and Latin America (Panama, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina) and reinforce their capacities to increase regional knowledge on CC&T
  • Promote research-based collaborative teaching in CC&T, via the development of a transversal study module that can be inserted in different courses at the postgraduate/doctoral level.
  • Enhance university-NGO-industry-public administration knolwedge transfer so as to contribute to sustainabile development and new employement opportunities, via a professional development course in Climate Change, Circular Economy &Tourism (CC&T)
  • Ensure sustainable academic relations and strategic partnerships among HEIs from Europe and Latin America, based-upon multi-disciplinary approaches that train students and young professionals to to contribute to sustainable tourism.