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Synergies meeting between CLIMAR project and Sustainable Development Solutions Network SDSN

CLIMAR has been present in the meeting of the SDSN Managers. Dr. John Barimo, from the UCC University College Cork (one of the partners of consortium developing CLIMAR), was in Paris in the last week of April participating in the SDSN Managers meeting. The SDSN is the acronym of “Sustainable Development Solutions Network”, a non-profit […]

“Theory and Application of Circular Economy in Tourism”: CLIMAR’s second training in Cork

second training CLIMAR Cork

The consortium in charge of implementing the CLIMAR project has carried out this week the second training of the project. Under the title “Theory and Application of the Circular Economy in Tourism”, the training took place at the  University College Cork (UCC), in Ireland. This University hosted a group of researchers from different regions to address […]

Meeting of experts on tourism, climate change and circular economy

online webinar

In the framework of the Erasmus CLIMAR project, a Working Table was held, which focused on three relevant areas: tourism, climate change and circular economy, developed by experts and researchers. The activity, which had the virtual attendance of 48 participants, was organised by the CLIMAR team of the University of Panama-UP coordinated by Professor Andrés […]

Working table on Tourism and Climate Change was held at the new headquarters of the University of Caldas in Magdalena Centro

tourism and climate change

With the participation of SENA instructors working on tourism issues and students of SENA programs related to tourism, the working group on tourism, climate change and circular economy was held in La Dorada, Magdalena Centro territory, convened by the CLIMAR Project. The meeting took place within the framework of the III National Symposium of Research […]

Within the framework of the CLIMAR PROJECT, UNACHI-PANAMA develops a roundtable

Climar Roundtable

The Autonomous University of Chiriqui, located in the Western Region of the Republic of Panama, through the Institute for Research in Territorial Management, Risk and Climate Change, developed a Working Table to generate a space for exchange of experiences around the CLIMAR project, with actors within the academy and the external sector. During the development […]

Socialization of the CLIMAR Project with the Regional Node of Climate Change of the “Eje Cafetero”

Climar project

On November 30, at the Catholic University of Manizales, the Regional Node of Climate Change of the Eje Cafetero, led by the Regional Autonomous Corporation, met. The occasion allowed for a working group with the most important actors at the regional level in the generation and transfer of technology on climate change. It is evident […]

Climate Change, Impact Chains, and Regenerative Tourism: CLIMAR’s first training

The National University of Colombia hosts the first training of the CLIMAR project with experts from all over the world The National University of Colombia hosted the first training of CLIMAR, a project that aims to promote research, innovation, knowledge transfer and continuous professional development in a transversal way in order to contribute to the […]

Working table with experts on climate change and tourism at UCALDAS

Climar Project Roundtable

Last Thursday, November 9, the University of Caldas on behalf of the CLIMAR project, funded by the Erasmus+ program, held a working table with experts in climate change, tourism and circular economy of the city of Manizales. Participants included researchers from local universities and officials and businessmen from the travel and tourism sector. The session […]

Presentation of CLIMAR at the Workshop on “Tourism: Economics and Management” organized by Redegetur


The Workshop “Tourism: Economics and Management. Tourists as consumers, visitors and travelers” in which Professor Oana Driha participated took place on October 25-27, 2023. The workshop was held at the University of Jaén from October 25 to 27, 2023 and was organized by Redegetur, the Ibero-American Network of Economics and Tourism Management, which addresses the […]