Launch of CLIMAR in Mendoza

The CLIMAR project, “Strengthening research, innovation, and knowledge transfer on Climate Change & Tourism in Higher Education Institutions in Latin America”, got off to an excellent start with a Kick-off Meeting at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo in Mendoza (Argentina) on the 20th and 21st of April 2023.

During the Kick-off Meeting the partners worked on the project’s communication procedures and dissemination strategy, quality monitoring tools, and refined the project work plan. The event not only served as the first in-person project working session, but it also fostered collaboration concerning tourism and climate change.

CLIMAR is the only Erasmus+ project occurring in Latin America linked to the Green Deal that was approved in the 2022 call for proposals. It aims at enhancing research, innovation, knowledge transfer and continuous professional development in a cross-sectoral way, contributing both to the adaptation of tourism to climate change and to the mitigation of tourism impact on climate change. More specifically, the project:

  • Supports the creation of solid transnational and multidisciplinary research groups specialized in Climate Change and Tourism (CC&T)
  • Promotes research-based collaborative teaching in CC&T, by developing a transversal study module that can be inserted in different courses at the postgraduate/doctoral level
  • Enhances university-NGO-industry-public administration knowledge transfer as to contribute to Sustainable Development and creates new employment opportunities, by creating a professional development course in CC&T
  • Ensures sustainable academic relations among European and Latin American HEIs around multi-disciplinary approaches to tackle Climate Change
Climar launch