CLIMAR Project Coordinators Meet with Director of National University of Colombia’s Directorate of External Relations

In a significant step towards strengthening research and knowledge transfer on climate change and tourism, the coordinators of the CLIMAR project recently held a productive meeting with Professor Melba Libia Cárdenas Beltrán, the Director of the Directorate of External Relations (DRE) at the National University of Colombia (UNC). The meeting, which took place on Friday, June 16, brought together representatives from the CLIMAR project and researchers from the National University of Colombia.

Among the attendees were Professor José Javier Toro from the Institute of Environmental Studies (IDEA), who serves as the project coordinator for the UNC, and Professor Gabriela Arrieta Loyo from the Faculty of Engineering. Also present was Carlos Eduardo Acuña, the head of the academic cooperation group at the UNC.

During the discussion, the participants explored the ways in which the Directorate of External Relations (DRE) of the National University of Colombia could support Institute of Environmental Studies (IDEA) researchers in their work packages, with particular emphasis on postgraduate courses and modules related to professional activities. The meeting also touched upon the upcoming CLIMAR project training, scheduled to take place in the last quarter of 2023. In this regard, the Director of the DRE pledged to organize an internationalization seminar on CLIMAR before the training commences.

In addition, the meeting addressed the current status of the Specialization in Tourism, Environment, and Territory at the National University of Colombia, which was founded by Professors José Javier Toro and Javier de León. The commitment was made to extend support under the CLIMAR project’s umbrella to facilitate the consolidation of the specialization. Furthermore, plans were discussed to establish additional cohorts in other branches of the National University of Colombia across the country.

The meeting between the CLIMAR project coordinators and the Director of the Directorate of External Relations marked a significant milestone in fostering research collaboration and knowledge exchange in the realms of climate change and tourism. By leveraging the expertise of various institutions and experts, this initiative aims to drive sustainable development and tackle the challenges posed by climate change in Latin America and beyond.