CLIMAR collaborates with the EN-ROADS 2023 Climate Workshop Cycle

The CLIMAR project, dedicated to strengthening research and knowledge transfer on climate change and tourism, has played a key role in organising the EN-ROADS 2023 Climate Workshop Cycle. These workshops, centred on the revolutionary En-ROADS simulation model, aim to build support for climate change strategies.

In the last edition of the workshops, the CLIMAR project actively contributed to their realisation. One of the project partners, Mgtra. Ana Gómez from the Autonomous University of Chiriquí in Panama, participated in the training with the climate simulator. The aim was to analyse and identify priority climate actions that are crucial to solving the climate crisis.

In line with its commitment to environmental conservation and inclusive development, Panama recently adopted the National Environmental Strategy: Environmental Management for Ecosystem Restoration and Sustainable and Inclusive Development (2021-2031). In this context, Mgtra. Ana Gómez, representing her university and the CLIMAR project, led the virtual workshop entitled “En-ROADS Climate Actions”. The workshop took place on 14 and 21 June and involved participants in discussions on effective climate actions.

The collaboration between the CLIMAR project and the EN-ROADS Climate Workshop Cycle has proven to be instrumental in advancing solutions to climate change. Using the powerful EN-ROADS simulation model and the expertise of the project partners, this initiative aims to identify and prioritise actions that can have a significant impact in addressing the climate crisis.

The CLIMAR project continues to play a vital role in fostering collaboration and promoting sustainable practices in line with global efforts to mitigate climate change.