Meeting of experts on tourism, climate change and circular economy

In the framework of the Erasmus CLIMAR project, a Working Table was held, which focused on three relevant areas: tourism, climate change and circular economy, developed by experts and researchers.

The activity, which had the virtual attendance of 48 participants, was organised by the CLIMAR team of the University of Panama-UP coordinated by Professor Andrés Chang, Director of the Regional University Centre of Darién-CRUD and counted with the contributions of Dr. Luz Graciela Cruz, Mgter. Hermel López, Mgtr. María Vásquez and Dr.Edqin Pile.

Among the objectives of the conference, advances and findings from the application of the CLIMAR project forms were presented, providing valuable information on the current situation and future projections of climate change. The challenges of climate change were also discussed in detail.

The results presented are inspiring and point the way to effective and sustainable solutions ranging from solutions on adaptation and mitigation to environmental education and policy advocacy, exploring strategies for protecting our planet and ensure a more resilient future.

With this academic action, which took place on 28 December 2024 and was attended by university teachers, administrative staff, university students and professionals from different sectors, the University of Panama reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability and knowledge generation and promotes research and awareness of climate change.