Working table on Tourism and Climate Change was held at the new headquarters of the University of Caldas in Magdalena Centro

With the participation of SENA instructors working on tourism issues and students of SENA programs related to tourism, the working group on tourism, climate change and circular economy was held in La Dorada, Magdalena Centro territory, convened by the CLIMAR Project. The meeting took place within the framework of the III National Symposium of Research in Livestock and Agribusiness Sciences of Magdalena Medio promoted by SENA.

In addition to socializing the CLIMAR Project with the participants, the results of the survey carried out between August and October were presented. The presentation highlighted the lack of capacities in the tourism sector, the lack of coordination with environmental concerns and the informality that characterizes this activity in the territory.

Participants showed particular interest in collaboration and practical approaches to address the challenges identified. The issue of carrying capacity analysis to advance clear and effective regulations was raised as a priority, as well as the control of tourist flows and education on the importance of respecting restrictions to maintain the integrity of ecosystems.

The importance of integrating the productive sector to allow for more controlled and sustainable tourism was noted. The lack of knowledge among young people was also recognized as an obstacle to overcome, and their active and conscious inclusion and the need to create networks with local service providers was advocated.

The reflection points to the need to balance tourism progress with the preservation of local values and the active participation of the community in tourism-related decision-making.

Tourism and Climate Change