Within the framework of the CLIMAR PROJECT, UNACHI-PANAMA develops a roundtable

The Autonomous University of Chiriqui, located in the Western Region of the Republic of Panama, through the Institute for Research in Territorial Management, Risk and Climate Change, developed a Working Table to generate a space for exchange of experiences around the CLIMAR project, with actors within the academy and the external sector.

During the development of the roundtable, a discussion was held on important topics such as climate change and tourism, moderated by Ana Gómez, specialist in Environmental Management and Natural Resource Management. In the introductory part of the discussion, Dr. Nallilys Baúles, specialist in Tourism, presented the CLIMAR Project. In addition, Dr. Catalina Espinosa, a specialist in Territorial and Risk Management, graphically presented the results of the CLIMAR project consultation with the academic and external sectors.

A participatory workshop on Climate Change and Tourism was held. During the workshop, stakeholders from the governmental sector, private enterprise and academia (especially students from the Tourism and Natural Resources degree programs) gave their opinions on the conceptualization of the central themes of the project. One of the terms they consider a priority for their professional development or in their current economic activity is circular economy.

A digital board was used to record the participants’ contributions and reactions, which will form the basis for the next actions of CLIMAR. The participants also stated that they are interested in joining the multidisciplinary research groups and in participating in the multidisciplinary module on climate change and tourism at the postgraduate level.

Climar Roundtable