Working table with experts on climate change and tourism at UCALDAS

Last Thursday, November 9, the University of Caldas on behalf of the CLIMAR project, funded by the Erasmus+ program, held a working table with experts in climate change, tourism and circular economy of the city of Manizales. Participants included researchers from local universities and officials and businessmen from the travel and tourism sector.

The session began with the presentation of the results of the survey conducted by the CLIMAR project on trends and challenges facing research groups to promote innovation in the sector at the regional level. The articulation of the themes of tourism, climate change and circular economy involves all the actors in the sector, but particularly the communities linked to these processes: governance, water heritage management, land use conflicts, production systems and risk management.

The most important conclusion of the meeting was the need for closer collaboration, promoting inter-institutional and inter-project synergies and articulating atomized efforts. It seems possible to move forward with joint and innovative research, training and continuing education initiatives that contribute to preparing the tourism sector to increase its resilience to the threats of climate change and to mitigate its environmental impacts.