Presentation of CLIMAR at the Workshop on “Tourism: Economics and Management” organized by Redegetur

The Workshop “Tourism: Economics and Management. Tourists as consumers, visitors and travelers” in which Professor Oana Driha participated took place on October 25-27, 2023.

The workshop was held at the University of JaƩn from October 25 to 27, 2023 and was organized by Redegetur, the Ibero-American Network of Economics and Tourism Management, which addresses the disciplinary fields of economics in tourism and management of tourism organizations, integrating professionals from areas such as administration, accounting, economics and tourism.

It was an academic event that brought together a group of researchers under the area of study of tourism economics, aimed at enabling academic exchange among these researchers and the creation and consolidation of research networks in this area between institutions in Latin America and Ibero-America.

Professor Driha took the opportunity to present two Erasmus + projects in which the UA participates to the more than 50 researchers specialized in tourism economics, mostly members of AUIP and Redegetur, who attended the event. The specific projects that were disseminated were: CLIMAR and ECOViP.

The CLIMAR project, “Strengthening research, innovation and knowledge transfer on climate change and tourism in higher education institutions in Latin America“, aims to link interdisciplinary research, innovation and knowledge transfer to Higher Education curriculum development and continuous professional training, in order to prepare the tourism sector to better face climate change as well as to mitigate its impacts, making climate change a crucial policy for a tourism destination.


The ECOViP project, “Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Ecotourism to Support Sustainable Development in Vietnam and the Philippines“, aims to promote the development of innovative interdisciplinary business projects in Ecotourism by students from the Higher Education Institutions of the partners in Vietnam and the Philippines, while developing a roadmap for the improvement of educational programs in Tourism in cooperation with the business sector to increase the employability of graduates.